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Brain to Brain interface in real time. It has happened. Now what?

via BBC News – One rat brain ‘talks’ to another using electronic link.

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“Now, it should be noted that the researchers aren’t trying to emulate a complete honey bee brain, but rather two specific and complex functions within it, namely vision and sense of smell.”

“By isolating and modeling these particular functions, the researchers hope to provide their flying robot with the cognitive power required to perform basic tasks — and without a set of pre-programmed instructions. It is hoped, for example, that the robotic bee will be able to detect particular odors or gasses in the same way that real bee can identify certain flowers.”

via New project aims to upload a honey bee’s brain into a flying insectobot by 2015.

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This telecomunications Japanese company made a 300 year plan. They predict and anticipate that we will develop telepathy and that computers will surpass the computational capabilities of the human brain by 2018.

Just think:In the very near futu

re, planning 300 years in advance will be standard operating procedure for any respectable company. The long-tail will be 500-1000 out. It is gratifying to see a company break the “20-year” or “30-year” planning barrier and begin talking matter-of-factly about a more realistic model which will be made possible by the same technological wizardry they plan to develop.

via The hottest tech of 2015 and beyond – Softbank’s 300-year plan (7) – CNNMoney.

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WIRED  takes a look at what chemical enhancements there are on the horizon.

via Smart drugs to ‘moral enhancement’: a chemical approach to transhumanism (Wired UK).

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