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Physicists Are Building Their Own Version of the Matrix’s “Red Pill”

According to Silas Beane and his team at the University of Bonn in Germany, a simulation of the universe should still have constraints, no matter how powerful. These limitations, they argue, would be observed by the people within the simulation as a kind of constraint on physical processes.

So, how could we ever hope to identify these constraints? Easy: We just need build our own simulation of the universe and find out. And in fact, this is fairly close to what the physicists are actually trying to do. To that end, they’ve created an ultra-small version of the universe that’s down to the femto-scale.

via Physicists say there may be a way to prove that we live in a computer simulation.

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When you think about it all, and then think some more, it becomes quite a curiosity that there are any “laws” governing our reality at all. I mean, why do things fall down rather than up or down, randomly? Yes, yes, it is because of gravity, but why does gravity cause things to fall down rather than up or down, randomly? Do you see what I am getting at? Because the presence of any “laws” or “rules” that are innate in the fabric of our reality carry with them specific implications. What implications do you draw?

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In case you missed it:

Dr. David Kyle Johnson, with the hosts of the Rationally Speaking Podcast (Julia and Massimo), talk about whether it is plausible to believe that we live in a simulated world.

via Rationally Speaking | Official Podcast of New York City Skeptics РCurrent Episodes РRS59 РLive at NECSS: David Kyle Johnson on the Simulation Argument.

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