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via Transparent Brain Imaging Will Accelerate Research 10 to 100 Times | Think Tank | Big Think.

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via Video – How you can change the past – New Scientist.

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Epigenetics – YouTube.


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via Hubble captures deepest view of space – Telegraph.

This 4 minute video is the best video I’ve seen this year for making my mind, literally, hum. So many thought trails all running at the same time.

Time is immense. Space is immense. Earth is barely a pinhole of reflected light on the vast sheet of space. A teeny tiny dot, easily missed. And me? Me. I am a microscopic creature on that tiny pinhole that is planet Earth, and I have imbued my life with so much meaning and importance. lol. It really is a hoot to think about. If my life has any meaning at all, and I am not concluding it does but I do enjoy thinking it does, and I am so microscopic, what does that say about the immensity lying beyond me; beyond my planet, my solar system, my universe, my cosmos?

I am here and I am gone. Time is so immense I cannot comprehend it. I am here for such a short space of time there really isn’t an accurate measurement of blips so tiny, if viewed from the wholeness of Time. Here and gone. It causes “Horton Hears a Who” to make a lot more sense, in the whole cosmic layout, doesn’t it? It is no wonder humans have sought to quell their minds with thoughts of the cosmos being created solely for them; solely because humans are so important and special. It is not a cosmic joke or anything that we are what we are. We simply are what we are. And we ain’t what we ain’t. It is highly unlikely we are the reason for everything.


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via Nick Bostrom on Cognitive Enhancement – YouTube.

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Think your moral choices are clear, concise and firm? Read this and think again.

Choice Blindness is a phenomena occurring in the areas of taste, smell and aesthetic appeal. Now, moral choice has been shown to be just as malleable. So, what is choice blindness? and why does it matter?

A simple test was conducted by researchers at Lund University. They asked random people walking through a park if they would fill out a simple questionaire about their moral principles. The questions covered topics ranging from prosititution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Surveys were filled out by 160 people, but unknown to the participants, there was a trick to them (see video): While the second page of the survey was being completed, the statements on the first page of the survey were surreptitiously changed to the opposite moral position, while leaving the participants answers the same.

Then, the participants were asked to read three of the moral positions on page 1, including two which had been altered, and discuss their response to them. The results were surprising.

HALF of the participants did not detect the changes at all. 69% accepted at least one of the altered statements. An unimaginable 53% argued unequivocally for the reversed moral position.

This is “choice blindness”. It demonstrates how malleable and flexible people really are.

A psychologist adds, “These findings suggest that if I’m fooled into thinking that I endorse a view, I’ll do the work myself to come up with my own reasons [for endorsing it],” .


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Marissa Mayer chose to major in what she describes as “symbolic systems”, which are a combination of these 4 disciplines: 

–philosophy (how do people reason?) 
–cognitive psychology (how do people learn?) 
–linguistics (how do people communicate?) and 
–computer science (can a computer do the same or assist people in doing these things?) 

That kind of thinking appears to set you up pretty well to be a product manager for a company that creates software to assist human minds in reaching a greater potential. (video 1.3hour) via http://www.quora.com/Stanford-University/What-is-it-about-the-Symbolic-Systems-program-at-Stanford-that-produces-such-amazing-alums#ans1399154

via An Evening with Marissa Mayer – YouTube.

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In this 10-minute clip, have a little flavor of David Chalmers, an Australian philosopher specializing in the area of philosophy of mind. Here he asks one of the most intriguing questions: 
Why is there consciousness at all?

via David Chalmers on Consciousness – YouTube.

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Scientists Create First Virtual Organism – YouTube.


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Craig Venter gives an after dinner talk on “Biology at the Speed of Light”. Well worth the half hour listen (or transcript read). 

An excerpt:
The idea that you’re basically a DNA-driven software device is not the view that people necessarily have of themselves. But every cell on this planet works that way in a biological-to-mechanical kind of fashion. No brain controlling what happens with DNA reading and protein synthesis in your cells. The combination of one hundred trillion cells gives different people different abilities to make wonderful music, to make science advances, to think, but every one of those cells operates in the same fashion. And that means we will be able to decode how the brain functions by understanding these same mechanisms. There’s no need to evoke mysticism or a higher being. That’s what Schrodinger did seventy years ago. He couldn’t explain things, so he did what people do when they can’t explain something. He evokes mysticism. But science is getting very advanced with regard our understanding life. We know what it is, and we now know how to reproduce it. We produce life by writing new software.”

via J. Craig Venter: The Biological-digital Converter, Or, Biology At The Speed Of Light @ The Edge Dinner In Turin | Conversation | Edge.

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via Amazing Animated Optical Illusions! – YouTube.

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In Conversation with Daniel Kahneman – YouTube.

via In Conversation with Daniel Kahneman – YouTube.

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