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“Although gender differences on average are not under dispute, the idea of consistently and inflexibly gender-typed individuals is,” Bobbi J. Carothers of Washington University in St. Louis and Harry T. Reis of the University of Rochester explained in their study. “That is, there are not two distinct genders, but instead there are linear gradations of variables associated with sex, such as masculinity or intimacy, all of which are continuous.”

Analyzing 122 different characteristics from 13,301 individuals in 13 studies, the researchers concluded that differences between men and women were best seen as dimensional rather than categorical. In other words, the differences between men and women should be viewed as a matter of degree rather than a sign of consistent differences between two distinct groups.

via Study debunks notion that men and women are psychologically distinct | The Raw Story.

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“Scientists have turned mouse skin cells into eggs that produced baby mice – a technique that, if successfully applied to humans, could someday allow women to stop worrying about the ticking of their biological clocks and perhaps even help 

couples create “designer babies.”
For technical as well as ethical reasons, nobody expects doctors will be making eggs from women’s skin cells any time soon. But some see possibilities and questions about its use.”

via Baby Mice Born from Eggs Made from Stem Cells | RealClearScience.

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Culture makes a difference. The way we think, believe and live impacts the equality of all humans within our societies. Change a mind, change a life.

The best and worst places in the world to be a woman, in an infographic based on Save The Children’s annual State of the World’s Mothers report, comparing data from 165 countries.

This infographic crunches data on maternal health, economic status, education, contraception use, and other factors to show where women are doing well and where their lives can be exceptionally hard.

Unsurprisingly, the Scandinavian countries that often top quality of life rankings are tops, with longer life expectancies, years in school, more contraception use, a higher percentage of government seats held by women, and a higher ratio of female to male earned income. 

via The Best And Worst Places In The World To Be A Woman | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation.

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